HEATING SYSTEM What is central heating? Is a system that adds to your life more luxury and warmth aims to heat your home in whole or part of it using one source of this heating. There are many modern central heating systems either by radiators distributed in rooms according to different areas or by under floor heating, which is very safe and hygienic heating and depends on a network of pipes that are connected to each other in a way Professional to achieve the highest possible efficiency of the entire system. The piping network connects the heating system to the heating source, whether it is a central heater or central boilers. The heaters are divided into two types: – Radiators, which are heaters placed inside the rooms characterized by elegant shape, high efficiency and rapid performance of heating. Heaters do not rely on heating only with Radiation as it seems. This type of heating is mainly based on Convection heating. The air that touches the extinguisher carries the heat from the extinguisher and climbs up because its density will decrease and work to shift the air that drops down to its mass. The heat exchangers are available in different shapes and sizes depending on the thermal capacity required to cover the thermal capacity of the different rooms, which is also suitable for your home decor. – Towel Radiator: a extinguisher that is placed inside your bathroom, which usually takes the form of the pastures, using a blanket and extinguisher in the shortest time, there is a white color, which corresponds to the decoration and with the form of sanitary tools inside the bathroom, including chrome, which is suitable for the shape of mixers and accessories in the bathroom Heating advantages:

1 – faster heating.

2. Less cost.

3 – Possibility to control the heating of each room according to desire.

4 – Possibility to control the degree of heating through a thermostat located on the body of the extinguisher.

5. Easy operation and separation.

6. Easy maintenance and change if necessary.

– Under floor heating – A network of pipes made of polyethylene under the floors of the place to be fully heated is installed before the finishing of the floors and the networks are grouped into different rooms in one round to a distribution battery called manifold and is controlled by a special thermostat Room Thermostat – Floor heating features:

1 – heating floors and air at the same time.

2 – Distribution of heating inside the heated place very efficiently because of the use of its floors completely as a thermal light.

3. Each vacuum can be controlled separately.

4 – give full freedom in the implementation of the decoration where the heating is under the ground.

5. Easy maintenance, operation and control of the system. In the coming articles we will show more information about central heating and its components and its main advantages of heating with central air conditioning or electric heating https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/smartheat-eg.net#keywords