heating system Coal and wood heating is the heating used in the streets and primitive houses. It is also the heating used in the homes of the rich through heaters and fireplaces where coal and wood are thrown. It is the first central heating method used by humanity and is the easiest way to get The central heating is the modern heating, which tends to control the temperature of the rooms and ambient atmosphere to get them out of the cold winter, which is hot on our airspace In the recent decades, the central heating system, heating with hot air, including the use of adaptations in it, but it is a very harmful method of health for the following reasons should be constantly moisturizing the air often hear the sound of the fan. Move the air in an allergic manner. The air always needs constant filtration and maintenance of the equipment. Hot water heating is the most prevalent in homes, schools, hospitals and hotels. It is used by under floor heating and provides good health conditions. It is easy to follow up after installation and maintenance. First, Powell and boiler heating by diffusion and the diffusion of air pressure generated in it. Water to hot steam Solar heating and solar heaters The process of heating using solar energy and the use of the solar heater works by pumping the heat obtained in the solar collectors into the space to be warmed and to achieve this must use some equipment and devices will not The thermal effect of the solar complex has been reduced to the inside of the site. Despite the high structural cost of the system, everyone praised the quality of the system. It saves a lot of energy and saves 40% to 80% of the solar charge. And hot water in a manner that saves the diesel, and in the summer provides hot water without dependence on diesel. Heating with electric heaters has become expensive and expensive to convert electric energy into thermal and solar energy by using solar heaters is the best way to generate central heating