Smart Heat in Home Design Show Exhibition

• Smart Heat Central Heating show at the Design Design show from November 25-27 at the Dusit Thani Hotel – 5th Compound – New Cairo • Some may wonder why there is a central heating company HEATING SYSTEM in an exhibition that specializes in interior designs, Because central heating is an inherent part of the interior decoration of homes and that modern design ideas in European countries that central heating, especially radiators Radiators are an essential part of home furniture. And choose from sizes to colors and materials that provide the greatest amount of beauty in line with home decor and also the greatest amount of thermal radiation to warm the house with the greatest safety and comfort and at the same time less expensive for the consumption of gas and electricity. • We are confident that HDS visitors and exhibitors are looking for such excellence in innovation and design, with the best choice and the most effective execution on the ground. Smartheat has not missed this opportunity to connect directly with its customers at HDS. We are pleased to visit you at the exhibition next Saturday 25 – 27 November 2017.