As for solar water heating systems for bathrooms there are two main proposals, each of which consists of two proposals and we can summarize them as follows;

The first proposal: – is the statement of the solar heater Flat blet system is the contractor to be the tank above the solar panels, a Greek-made the highest degrees of efficiency and manufacturing, which is alternative in the absence of the sun, electricity Heater to maintain the temperature of water constantly. The second solution, which is characterized by the solar heater, the Greek solar smart, which works on the possibility of making the alternative to solar energy gas, not electricity, which has inside the coil to be automatic control between solar energy and gas and also does not increase the efficiency of central heating.

The second proposal: – Is the system separated between the solar panels and water tank and what we use is the German system of the German exchanger Reflex and solar panels and the tinker is placed next to the solar panels or away from them and are connected with “Seamless pipes” and the alternative in this system for solar gas Of the central heating heater, and in the absence of gas is added Hater electricity with a control panel to control consumption. Our two systems are characterized by the possibility of a reference line.