Central heating depends on the network of internal or external pipes transfer the heat from the central heater or boiler to the heaters that heat the place and distribute the heat in a smooth and safe depending on the theory of heat transfer, which saves the consumption of electricity to rely on natural gas and all products used in the central heating system German heat And Italian.
As for the systems of heating the ground is a network of pipes are laid under the floors of different types and became a network of pipes of polyethylene five-layer protection of the most layers of aluminum and plastic PIX-AL-PIX with increased safety rates by more than 200% by pressure and temperature with Put on a layer of foam for insulation as well as to install pipes in a way that ensures the distribution of heat equal to the area to be aligned with other materials are also added and also the work of the network of heaters in these pipes because of the control panel in the two systems in each country to facilitate the maintenance and control of the system and more In the vast majority of the open spaces of salons, reception and others are heated by the ground heating system. The rooms and bathrooms are heated by wall heaters and works.
This system is operated by a central heater which is determined according to the required thermal capacity in kilowatts, it is selected on this basis. So, we are working with IMMERGAS number one in Italy. These heaters are dedicated to central heating systems. There is also a separate hot water system for bathrooms. For small apartments there is no internal draining of water storage and we overcame it by some of solutions will be mentioned in central hot water systems.