Central heating of water is very low in companies that offer solutions and advantages for each solution to their customers and let them participate in selecting the suitable one that fit them. Generally, let us begin to explain those solutions;

Firstly, that one is a suitable solution for small apartments and a number of hot spots preferably not exceed three points, which using for central heating heater in the case of the central heating system, as mentioned. Because the central heater has two separate heating systems and a separate system of hot water. So, if we talk about the capacity of the heater in the central heater, which capacity of 24 kilowatts, it gives approximately 7 liters per minute, and the central heater, which is 32 kilowatts, it gives about 11 liters per minute, therefor the heater gives all its ability to hot water, because there is no water tank Thus it is instantaneous heater.

Secondly, is the same as the previous explanation, but increases the addition of heat exchanger or water tank as called, but with different specifications. This proposal is to use the central heating system and the presence of the central heater with the presence of a number of hot spots and a great need for the work of a hot water line. The size of the heater is determined according to the number of hot spots and the number of people used to determine the required voltage. We have the German-made Reflex heat exchanger. It has many advantages of strong insulation to maintain the temperature of water for as long as possible to reduce consumption. Also, there is a column of magnesium to prevent corrosion in the exchanger’s body and Coil is manufactured at a temperature of up to 1000 degrees Celsius to bear all the conditions and helps to accelerate the heating of water within the exchanger to make the circuit between the central heater and the exchanger closed circuit.

Thirdly, in the absence of central heating system as well as the number of hot water points does not exceed 16 points hot water is used gas boiler rheum number one in America as well as the determination of the speed of the number of points according to the possibility of working a hot water line with the possibility of controlling the consumption of gas through the control with the flipping pump.