The climate in Egypt every year is different from the one before it. – I mean every year of the summer Bbqki free more than before him and the winter season Bacon cold more than the one met him. – It is not in Egypt, but in the whole world and Egypt to take its share of it, of course. – And we are inside the delta on the winter and the atmosphere be very cold, especially in the new cities of New Cairo and October 6 until Bacon more than the center of the country, because the cities have a desert character – and of course people overcome the cold and especially in their homes resorting to the ways of many uniforms fire – Air Conditioning – Heaters Electricity. – Each means means its risks, damages and costs. – And as recently as the people knew how to do and solve the subject. Central heating system De Beacon is a central heater which is the main source of heating by heating the gas and heating hot water. The water is connected to the pipes, and the heaters are installed on the guard in each oocyte. And in which many forms choose which you want and as in which iron, including aluminum and kiln in the heaters of the bathrooms using the violin plates. – or the water of the heater is to walk in a network of underground pipes at an appropriate temperature, the earth will be filled with the space of the place and thus the place of the place as a violin, and it remains overcame the coldness of the earth and the coldness of the air. – And the roads De experienced and busy in all countries of the world, which temperature under the falcon is a violin, which is a necessities of life. – The surprise that Smart Heat De Company has experience in the field of more than 12 years in Egypt – and Smart Heat deal with the largest companies in Italy, Germany and America to answer the customers the best products with the latest technology and the integration of products De Alshan offer customers the best heating systems and central heating . – and then have a trained team of the highest level of efficiency and professionalism and always be engaged in the spirit of one team. – And more than 500 projects have been implemented, which means that they are not beginners and will not be confused with you … because they have a very large and respectable precedent. – Kaman all its interest is Azi satisfy its customers and operates the best heating system and the best service in installation and operation and the service of what sells at the highest level. – The slogan is that “customer confidence and satisfaction is a goal we will not back down from and even surpass it” – means with Smart Heat Htkdr operates a healthy and safe heating system and a provider of energy consumption.