Central heating system

Central heating system components

In the previous article, we discussed the components of the central heating system and mentioned that it consists of two main components:

1. The central heating source (Boiler room).

2 – Central heating system inside the building or home. We briefly talked about the source and types of central heating, which we classified into three types:

1 – Central Heater.         4 – Gas water boiler

3 – Solar water heater + Gas source. In this article we will also briefly talk about the central heating system inside the building or home, which is divided into two main types:

1 – central heating using radiators.

This is one of the most common types used in heating systems, which are radiant units of the heat distributed in different spaces of the house These radiators do not distribute the heat by radiation Radiation only, but rely more on heat convection convection that occurs between the body of the extinguisher and air contact to her. This air acquires heat and ascends to the top because its density decreases and displaces the cold air in the intake of the extinguisher and acquires the heat. This causes a natural stirring of the air inside the room without the need for fans to stir the air. There are too many types and forms of heaters, but the waste can be classified according to the materials used in the manufacture of the extinguisher. – Heaters made of aluminum Aluminum Radiators. – Heaters made of Iron Steel Radiators. Both types of heaters are used for heating rooms and heaters used to heat the Towel Radiators. We will address in detailed articles in the after we talk about the heaters.

2- Central heating using under floor heating.

the under floor Central heating heating is a network of pipes that are often made of high-quality Polyethylene material in terms of durability, temperature tolerance and heat conduction quality.
The pipe network is distributed in all floors of the place to be warmed before the finishing work of the floors and this network has special specifications and special lengths.
The piping system is connected in each role and according to the space of the place to be heated by a main assembly panel called Manifold, which is the main control of the central heating works inside the building.
The temperature of each room can be controlled separately from the other rooms by thermostat control for each room Room Thermostat and will discuss in detail in subsequent articles talk about the specifications of heating floors and their components and the most important characteristics and characteristics of other systems of central heating. Heaters and floor heating can be combined to take advantage of each other’s features. The central heating system inside the house must be connected to the boiler room (the heating source) by means of a network of pipes to transfer hot water from the heating source to the heaters or heating the floors for use in the heating process.

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