Components of the central heating system HEATING SYSTEM A central heating system is a central component of the central heating source (Boiler room). 2 – Central heating system inside the building or home. We will deal with each of them in detail – First: Central heating source is in one of the following forms: 1 – Central Heater. Is a wall mounted gas boiler. This heater has two separate circuits, one for central heating and another for hot water for domestic use. The heater has different capacities and sizes of 24, 32 and 40 kW. This heater can be connected with a heat exchanger to store hot water for use. The heater can also be used as a compensatory alternative in an integrated system that can be connected to a solar energy system. A collection battery can be used for a number of heaters with unlimited power capacity. 2 – Hot water boilers (Gas boiler) is a central hot water boiler provides hot water to be used in more than one application as follows: – Can be connected directly to the heating system (Heating System) – can be connected with a heat exchanger (Storage Heat Exchanger) ) And Domestic Hot Water. – It can be connected to an instantaneous heat exchanger for swimming pool heating. The central boilers are characterized by large thermal capacity, which can be used in more than one application at a time. Solar water heater + Gas Boiler – This system uses a solar energy heater according to the thermal power and usually to heat the use water Domestic hot water The main source of central heating is the central heating source (Heat Boiler) and the reserve of the solar heater. The system is characterized by energy-saving, which is a provider at the cost of operation, albeit a bit expensive in its initial price. – In the next article we will give you the details of the second component in the central heating system in detail follow us.